Meet The Team!

The fabulous contributors breathe life into our site. Meet them and please stop by their personal blogs:

Nirasha Jaganath

Having been born in South Africa and having survived everything from poverty to riots Nirasha, known as Niri, shelved her desire for writing in a turbulent time to pursue a career in software engineering. After just barely dusting the remnants of Apartheid off, Niri set for the shores of USA to be a techno-geek by day while pursuing philanthropic interests by night. Fast forward 12 years later and a baby in tow Niri traded the rat race for her rug rats and turned back to her passion of writing at Niri has been featured on, and India New England; and has worked on several charitable projects while harnessing the power of blogging like ending teacher funded classrooms, Rwanda Path2Peace, building playgrounds with Kaboom and the End Child Hunger campaign. She has also been nominated for the Nickelodeon Parent’s Pick Award.

Katrina Carefoot

Katrina writes for the award winning website Fickle Feline which she founded in 2004.  Her candid writing and bare bones honesty have won her accolades from both the Mental Health and Autism communities.  She is an Autism advocate and is currently documenting her Autistic son Max’s journey for a book she is writing on how to achieve a best outcome for Autism through early intervention and intensive therapy.  Katrina thinks raisins are just rotten grapes and is not afraid to share pictures of herself looking completely ridiculous.  She hates her cat and very much looks forward to the day that her two year old daughter turns 18 and moves out.

Ramesh Kumar

Ramesh runs online strategy and execution of consumer acquisition and retention programs for large companies including analytics, search strategies, online customer experience, and optimization. He is a dad, a marketer, and an engineer. He talks about dads, diapers and digital marketing at The Papa Post.