Read Aloud Day! Let’s Do Something!

If you read my blog over at you will know how important reading is in my life. In fact today I spent time at the WGBH studio planning more exciting stuff to come. Reading is a passion I hope to instill in my kids. In fact my 1st Grader has a grid from school from a High Five program that rewards reading with charms each month. This also means my 4 year old (who is an excellent reader) keeps her company with her book too.

There is nothing as sweet as hearing your child read. Nothing!

Anyway   in honor of National Reading Month fellow blogger s over at Stowed Stuff and Dollops of Diane have decided to raise money for RIF to aid their mission to deliver books to those who need them.  I have no doubt in my mind what a book can do for a child. You can donate easily through the widget below.

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